Anti-social Socialite

Anti-social Socialite

12June2024 16:17


I’m taking a break from the workspace today. 

So I’ve found myself at a cafe in just about the middle of downtown. 

The sky seems to be just one big cloud today. I was slightly worried it might rain on my head on my way here. 

Not that I cared at all if I got wet, but I did have a bit of concern for the laptop in my bag. 

These things aren’t at all cheap…there’s very much a possibility that I would cry if such I thing were to happen to me. 


Sometimes I wonder if I have enough friends..Or maybe it is more of a thought of whether I try to connect with people enough. 

I would classify myself as an anti-social socialite. 

What I mean by this is that I like people. I enjoi meeting new people and getting to know and understand people. What I’m not much of a fan of is forcing things. I can go out sit in a crowded place and be completely fine. Some people find this a problem or a weird thing to do. I find it rather relaxing. 

Is it a strange thing to say the idea of having more than like 5 good friends sounds a bit exhausting to me? 

How do you keep up with all those relationships? How do you maintain the quality?


I legit feel like I’m horrible at keeping up with my own family. These are people that I like. I enjoi being around,  but we don’t all have the same interests. I find that I get bored or better put feel ingenuine when I’m talking to someone but not interested in what they are saying. Just deaf ears for their words.  

Not to say that I can’t be there for someone who just needs someone to talk to. I feel that is very different from what I’m saying.

Maybe I’m alone in this mindset. 


Sometimes I wonder what is like to be one of those people with a huge circle of friends. Connecting, introducing, and pulling people together. 

What are those people like on the inside? What is it that pulls them to connect with so many? 


I love the circle of friends that I have. I feel like we can go days without speaking, but when we connect it’s going to be a beautiful moment. It may not even mean we will be talking a lot.

The time will be amazing though. 


Not sure if there was a point to all of this writing, was just on my mind.

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