I make stuff

I make stuff

11June2024 11:30


I’m a character. I’m not really sure the type of character I am. Sometimes I feel very much like the cool lead/co-star in a mildly well-known show. Others it seems like I’m that character everyone knows when they show up on scene but it’s very unclear how they actually fit into the story. 


Yesterday I was asked if I was an author. 

In a split second, I had at least 10 different thoughts for correct responses come flooding into my mind…..you can decide what those were, I thought about sharing but let’s just move on. 

I answered, “I just like to write sometimes, I won’t call myself an author.”

The question arose because someone made the statement “He makes things.”, which was in fact a statement that I had made earlier. Yet I didn’t like it being said, or how it came across. It wasn’t relevant to the situation, no one had asked. 


See for me when people ask the question “What is it you do?”, I always feel like there’s this pinpoint answer people are looking for. To me, the easiest thing to say is “I make things.” otherwise I feel like I turn into a run-on sentence. 


For me, I’m just a [creator], the only disciplines I’m trained in are filmmaking and management. Outside of that the things I do are just that I enjoi doing. So “I make things”. 

The biggest thing that I’m working on right now is a project called ‘Can Do!’, whose aim is simply to help other creatives with financial support which I get through collecting cans(recyclables). Currently with the help of Priki(th) thanks to Geof. 


I started doing things under the title of ‘The Structure’ with a very simple goal,




No unnecessary stress or bull**it. Live, create, repeat. 

At the end of the day, how many of us have titles that we don’t even care for? How often do we do things that we don’t even enjoi?


I make stuff, sometimes it’s just bringing a smile to someone’s face. In those moments I feel like I showed up to the office and did a great job. For me, that’s what ‘The Structure’ is, peace. 


So yeah I could call myself a [creator], but at the end of the day, I’m just a human processing life. I feel I’ve been way more present these days in the process than I ever have been.  

There are days when the process feels a bit clumsy, as though I’m fumbling through it. Generally, those are times when I don’t have a full understanding/it’s something new. Though I feel like most of the time all things taken into account it rather adventurous. 


Today I feel incredibly huge for being a side character randomly roaming from scene to scene. Happy that I could show up. Thankful that there is room for me here. 

I make stuff. hehe.

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