Drake Needs To Not Care

Drake Needs To Not Care

I've come to terms with something—I'm an unapologetic Drake fan. After two years of him dominating my Spotify playlists, my attempts to diversify my musical taste have all but surrendered to his undeniable allure.


However, there's a nagging aspect that's becoming hard to overlook. For someone who projects an image of not caring about others' opinions and reigning supreme, Drake seems to care—a lot.


Over the span of four albums since 2021, his content has remained relatively constant, revolving around three main topics: relationships, rebuttals, and his success. While these aren't inherently bad themes, it becomes exhausting when he releases five new songs, mainly responding to shots taken at him. The question that lingers is—why does he care so much?


Jay-Z, at his level, seems impervious to the constant scrutiny. Even with a track record that spans both music and business, he rarely lets criticisms get under his skin. Drake, on the other hand, has responded via social media posts or incorporated retorts into his songs, like his recent feelings towards Yasin Bey.


What I'd prefer, although I acknowledge I'm just an ordinary fan without Drake's accomplishments, is for him to channel that energy and care into his music. Craft responses with the pen that would silence the critics. The reason behind all these comments is a belief that Drake could deliver more impactful, classic albums. Not that his current releases aren't influential, but some argue they play it safe.

So, why does Drake care? Perhaps because the criticisms hint at a truth—he's capable of more. J. Cole once suggested that Drake doesn't get out-rapped, but he chooses to allow it. To solidify himself as a top-tier rapper, he needs a run of releases akin to "If You're Reading This It's Too Late.” The question remains: Is he up for the challenge, and does he even care?


While I appreciate the heights Drake has reached, I believe he might be forever irritated if he doesn't silence the doubters. I'd love to see him reclaim that top-tier rapper status, as I believe we haven't witnessed the full extent of Drake's potential yet.

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