Rise of An Emperor Results

Rise of An Emperor Results

Thanks to everyone that came out, had a great time hosting the event. Here are The current Bounties:

Peter "1st Emperor" 15,000,000 berries

Ragnar "The Yellow King" 11,000,000 berries

Hlynur "Case Popper" 8,000,000 berries

Matthew "New Kid" 5,000,000 berries

* Want to answer a question that was bought up: Does missing a event hurt you? 

Answer: No, points can get gained through each event, and from individual matches. Bounties will have a big part in the final event of the series, which could shake up the overall standings, and who holds a title of Emperor going into the final matches. But that info will be shared at a later time. *also will be sharing some new info that I think will add a bit more fun to the overall series.

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